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  • Simple to use, no need to carry multiple devices.

  • Full job information to reference.

  • Fairness of task allocation and visibility of high achievers.


  • Full, accurate, quick reporting on task timings, job detail and individual performance.

  • More effective use of porter time for a higher service level.

  • Full visibility of all real time and historical activity to keep you in control.

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Patient and Nurse


  • Reduced 'Chatter' for an improved experience.

  • Less waiting time and stress.

  • Improved confidentiality with the discreet transfer of details.


  • Full visibility of all Porter requests coming to and from your department.

  • Reduction in repeat requests and wasted time.

  • Simple and fast task creation.

  • Improved planning capability for the most efficient use of vital resource.

Cleaning Hospital Room
Hospital Employees


  • A positive patient experience of care.

  • Enhanced clinical effectiveness.

  • Return on Investment realisable in the shortest time.

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