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MyPorter Awards 2021 T&Cs

Winner must work within a portering team within the NHS. Winner must be currently employed by the NHS. Winner may have worked within a portering team within the NHS over the past year, and still be employed within the NHS within a different role or department. Winner may be part of current portering bank staff. Winner must be a UK resident. Winner must be over 18 years of age. Winner will be chosen in-house by judges at Global View/GV Healthcare/MyPorter. Competition entry is allowed and open between November 22nd 2021 and January 16th 2022. Shortlist for each award will be announced on January 19th 2022. Winners will be announced at a live ceremony in February.

Winner will receive a physical award/trophy. Winner will receive the ability to pick a charity of their choice to award them with a cash donation (amount TBC). The Trust the winner is employed by will receive a cash donation to their chosen charity partner (amount TBC). Covid-19 pending, the MyPorter Awards 2021 may come in either digital or physical form, the aim is to host an award ceremony in February. If you are shortlisted for an award, you will be gifted a ticket to attend the MyPorter Awards 2021 ceremony, subject to availability. The winner's chosen charity must be a legitimate registered charity within the UK. Should Globalview Systems/MyPorter deem the winner's charity choice unacceptable (i.e. racist, homophobic, sexist or any other derogatory terms) or fraudulent, Globalview Systems/MyPorter holds the right to refrain from gifting the donation. The winner will be given the option to choose a more suitable charity. Should the NHS Trust the winner is employed by not have a chosen charity partner, the winner's Trust/management will have the choice of where the charity donation goes (donation to the Trust itself is acceptable if deemed acceptable by the Trust themselves). The winner will be asked to partake in a small-scale photo opportunity and may be asked to contribute and/or take part in other media activities and coverage of the awards. The details of the entry (including name and email address of nominee and nominator) may be shared internally within Globalview Systems/MyPorter for purposes relating to the competition - e.g. judging of competition, contact regarding submission, etc. One nominee per entry only, unless qualifying reasoning for multiples e.g. two people did the thing which you wish to nominate for or you are nominating a team for the team award. One entry per nominee is sufficient - multiple submissions for the same nominee aren't necessary. All additional nominations will be disallowed. Globalview Systems/MyPorter are not liable for unclaimed prizes - prize winner has 3 months from close date of awards to claim their prize. In the event of any dispute concerning the correctness or acceptability of any award, the decision of Globalview Systems/MyPorter shall be final. If attending a live MyPorter Awards event, all images and videos from the event are the property of Globalview Systems/GV Healthcare and may be used in the public domain in places such as (but not limited to) publications, digital publications, websites, social media & other forms of media - if you wish for your image not to be used, you must inform the company of this. There is no cost to enter the MyPorter Awards. No persons directly related to a Globalview Systems/MyPorter employee may win the award or enter the awards. The reason for the nomination, including name of person nominating and nominee may be used in the public domain in places such as (but not limited to) publications, digital publications, websites, social media & other forms of media.


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