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The National MyPorter Awards 2024 Winners

Gordon To, Outstanding Contribution To Patient Experience Winner

In the heart of healthcare, where ordinary individuals become extraordinary heroes, one name shines across the nation – Gordon To. A beacon of compassion and effectiveness, Gordon is not just a porter; he's the embodiment of resilience, courage, and unwavering dedication.

In May 2023, a routine patient transfer request unravelled into a life-or-death situation at Royal Bournemouth Hospital. Gordon, the unsung hero, faced a chaotic situation and swiftly navigated through the unexpected. A patient had locked herself in the toilet and tied with a ligature around her neck. With quick thinking, Gordon forced entry, cut the ligature, and orchestrated a life-saving intervention. His calm authority and decisive actions echoed through the hospital corridors, leaving an indelible mark on the lives he touched.

Fast forward to July, and Gordon found himself at the forefront of yet another incident. A patient, in a state of partial undress, took an unexpected plunge into the hospital's expansive lake. Gordon, alongside medical teams and the fire service, played a pivotal role in the safe recovery of the patient. His actions not only ensured the patient's safety but also showcased the power of teamwork and resilience.

Gordon's story goes beyond the walls of Royal Bournemouth Hospital; it resonates with every corner of the nation. His quick thinking and unparalleled expertise have turned the tide in numerous high-stakes scenarios, earning him the heartfelt praise of the ward teams he supports. As we unveil Gordon as the unanimous choice for the prestigious Outstanding Contribution To Patient Experience Award, his narrative becomes a symbol of hope, courage, and dedication for a national audience.

Taking place in central London, the National MyPorter Awards saw seven awards presented to the finalists from across the country and beyond, who made the judges shortlist. The broad range of over 300+ entries showed just why Healthcare Portering Services deserve to be honoured and praised. Nominations such as that for eventual winner of the Porter of The Year Award, Kabiru Ogundipe of London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.


Kabiru's heroism truly shines in the face of adversity. He was involved in a traumatic incident where a patient attempted suicide, jumping from the 9th floor of the hospital. Kabiru, among the first responders, stayed past his shift, supporting the medical team tirelessly. In another critical moment, following a crash call, Kabiru's quick thinking ensured the timely access to emergency blood for a patient in a life-threatening situation. His vigilance extended to monitoring the patient's progress through CT scans and ITU, ensuring the availability of necessary blood products at every stage. Today, that patient is on the path to recovery, thanks to Kabiru's unwavering professionalism. Kabiru's commitment doesn't stop within the hospital walls; he extends his benevolence to Project Search, offering work experience and mentorship to those with learning difficulties or on the Autism spectrum. His dedication to duty of care goes beyond the ordinary, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

In Kabiru's own words, "Where I come from, we love helping people. Duty of care is of paramount importance to me." Today, we honour Kabiru Ogundipe, not just as Porter of the Year but as a national hero, a beacon of hope, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of others. His story transcends hospital corridors, touching the hearts of a nation that celebrates heroes like him.

Phil Shelley, Senior Operational Manager at NHS England said at the event: “Today has been a privilege and an honour to meet colleagues from across the country, hear their personal stories and experiences, and be able to present the awards and recognition that they truly deserve. Our Portering Teams and Individuals are integral to the success of a patient journey throughout the varying healthcare sites, a massive thank you  for everything that they do ”. 


Full list of winners:

MyPorter Porter of The Year, sponsored by ISS:

Kabiru Ogundipe – London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust


Newcomer of The Year, sponsored by Wheelshare:

Steven Baughan – Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


Leadership of The Year:

Andrew O’Donnell – Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Outstanding Contribution to Patient Experience, sponsored by GV Healthcare:

Gordon To – University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust


Portering Team of The Year:

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


Dennis Southern Lifetime Achievement:

Paul Green – Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


MyPorter International Porter of The Year:

Donna Murphy – Jersey General Hospital


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