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Intelligent Porter Management Software

MyPorter has been created ‘by portering teams for portering teams’ with over 100 different contributions from NHS portering team members during its development.

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Many NHS portering team members across different roles throughout the UK contributed to insight and trend analysis, which has assisted us in ensuring MyPorter helps play a vital role in supporting you with effective portering and improved patient flow - a portering tool designed by portering teams. (2).gif

Easily request a porter...

Whether you're creating the job at ward level or via a helpdesk or porter manager, it's never been easier to request a porter.
It's a simple few-step process in a matter of seconds!
Populate key task details in task view, wizard (simplified) view or via the touchscreen view - built as a super fast 5-touch process for rapid and reactive environments such as ED.

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Just drag and drop...

Yep, it's as easy as that! Simply drag and drop a porter into the dashboard to allocate them to a job. Full task details are then pinged to the porter's handset for them to complete the job. (4).gif
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Helps you prioritise jobs...

As the saying goes, "you're only human" - we know people can miss small details, but thankfully MyPorter is there to help you - colour-coded priority warnings flash on the dashboard to stop any key or urgent tasks being missed.

Become data-decisive...

MyPorter records key data in real time, so you can have the information you need to make key decisions whenever you need it. When are you under staffed? When are you over staffed? Why does that one job always get held up? Inspect the data and spot trends to make changes you know will have a positive impact.
Not only does MyPorter provide this key data, it also has a built in KPI Reporting Tool to help you to track progress and ensure you're meeting your KPIs - this can be exported in a handy format, for you to share with others.

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