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In the case of MyPorter, collaboration with portering teams was key to building the partnerships that worked for everyone, including direct involvement with numerous NHS Trusts. We take the approach that recognises that no one knows your sector, your organisation and, most importantly, your staff and end-users as you do.

Our Approach

To collaborate to understand the problem and use technology to build the solution.

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We listen and look to understand your world

We appreciate that nobody knows your world and your work better than you do - you're the experts, we're just here to listen, understand your problems and take your knowledge to help you with a solution tailored to your needs. We essentially created a portering tool developed by you, for you - ensuring our software does what you need of it.

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Whether it is radio or Wi-Fi, smart device or two-way radio - we create a solution to meet your needs, which means MyPorter can work to your current infrastructure. 

MyPorter was created so you can easily populate jobs to send direct to a porter as a visible message on their device, ensuring they have all the key information required to complete their duties correctly and on time.

MyPorter is simple and easy-to-use, even for those who aren't tech savvy. We do however understand everyone needs help and support along the way, which is why we install the solution for you, provide in-depth training to all your staff and offer free ongoing assistance from our easy to contact Service & Support team. 

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"The GlobalView team are incredibly knowledgeable and were able to design a solution that helped us overcome our challenges. Increased effectiveness of the portering system, resulting in the improved allocation of porter tasks, enhanced patient experience and robust clear communications."


We design using the latest software tools

We train and support your team to succeed

Hear from some of the people we have built partnerships with...

Stockport Case Study

A feature video documenting the success of the portering department at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport is now available to view – featuring how the team there moved from their old ways of working to a new digital system, using the data it provides to improve collaboration with clinicians and better patient care.

Dawn Pyatt

Leighton Hospital, Crewe

Facilities Manager

“MyPorter gives me great visibility on portering in the hospital, meaning I can make sure we are delivering an efficient service both to clinical teams and to patients. The system is so easy to use, and our portering service is so much smoother now. The support from Global View throughout the process has been fantastic; it’s been a real partnership approach.”

Hull Case Study

Click the link on the right to read all about how MyPorter has brought benefits to the portering teams across two hospital sites in Hull.

website Hull Case Study link 1.jpg

Claire Dodds

CHoICE Facilities Services, Sunderland Royal Hospital 

Hotel Service Manager

“We needed something we could rely on, and MyPorter has given us exactly that. Porters, radiographers and nurses have all said the system is easy to use, and we’ve had no failed jobs since it was introduced. It’s also made a massive difference to patient flow and the overall patient experience.”

Radiology Dept
Case Study

Click the link on the right to read all about how MyPorter has improved throughput in Northampton Radiology Department.

website NORTHAMPTON Case Study link 1.jpg

Terry Kelly

Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Logistics/Portering Manager

“Reports from Radiology and other departments has been totally positive in the way that it's helped the patients experience. Now that MyPorter is in, I would recommend it fully to any other Trusts.”

Sunderland Case Study

Click the link on the right to read all about how MyPorter has brought benefits to the portering teams at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

LINKEDIN Sunderland Case Study link 2.jpg

Joe Ryan

Support Services Manager

Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport

“It's been constant support throughout and still is. We've had departments seeing it and asking "When are we getting MyPorter?! When are we getting it?!" and that's really positive. Patient flow was our main priority to improve and that's been done, and naturally the hospital benefits from that.”

Leighton Case Study

Click the link on the right to read all about how MyPorter has brought benefits to the portering teams at Leighton Hospital.

LINKEDIN LEIGHTON Case Study link 3.jpg

Mark Bartaby-Russell

Security/Portering Service Lead

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“The system itself, so far, is working absolutely perfectly and making everyone show accountability in departments and the porters - everyone is on board with it and I personally think it has improved the service.”

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