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NHS Emergency Department Sees Improvements Thanks to Digital Solution

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Porter task
made simple

MyPorter is designed to increase efficiency without increasing overhead.

This is achieved by optimising throughput via identification of errors, delays and unnecessary snags along the porter's journey and within the portering service as a whole.

It starts with you…

If the knock-on effects of garbled messages, confusing and time-wasting misdirection and incomplete information are frustrating your portering service efficiency, you're not alone!
You won’t be surprised to know that other porter management, facilities and logistics teams experience similar setbacks. This includes the many NHS professionals who have worked with us to create MyPorter, a bespoke software solution to support and enhance their porter services, and ultimately, their patients.

MyPorter porter task management solution system screen two way radio walkie talkie and mobile phone screens

Simple, easy to use software


MyPorter software allows you to make porter requests anywhere in the Trust, sending instructions as text messages to an individual porter’s radio handset or smart device (or both).


Porter tasks are displayed in order of priority, issuing complete information confidentially (as compared to open broadcast voice communications). Auto-allocation, manual allocation or empowering porters to choose for themselves. Porter choice. Flexibility of allocation.


Job status is real-time tracked, including the status of the porter and their readiness to take on the next nearby task.


Built-in reporting tools allow indisputable data-driven decision making.

  • Clear comms and complete information

  • Full, real-time task tracking and management

  • Quicker turnaround between tasks

  • Reduced patient waiting time and stress

  • Improved confidentiality

  • Fast, accurate and full reporting

  • Improved porter efficiency

  • Better patient experience and outcomes

  • Improved throughput

Here’re the headlines; our full demo can give you the complete picture

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"The Global View team are incredibly knowledgeable and were able to design a solution that helped us overcome our challenges. Increased effectiveness of the portering system, resulting in the improved allocation of porter tasks, enhanced patient experience and robust clear communications."


Long term partnerships, full UK support and FREE upgrades!

In developing MyPorter, we've called on the best and most relevant expertise possible, porters and portering management, people like you who know the system, the pressures and the pinch-points.


This insight has allowed us, with our NHS partners, to approach the problem by listening, planning, designing and testing collaboratively and by being prepared to do things in a very different way.


More than 100 NHS Trusts partnerships have created the intelligent porter management system that everyone wants to adopt because it works simply and absolutely!


MyPorter includes ongoing support, including free updates and upgrades*.

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