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National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day 2022: Competition launched to spotlight the importance of Portering teams

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Who thought that Portering teams could have such a strong impact on clinical?!

GV Healthcare have seen first-hand the impact better collaboration between two unlikely bedfellows in Portering and Radiology can have on a Trust and wants to celebrate the first ever National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day by raising awareness of the impact portering teams can have on throughput and patient experience within Radiology – simply by proving better collaboration is the key to this. That’s why we’ve launched a competition of collaboration to bring both teams together, as we have seen the power in these two usually-very-separate departments working as one.

The opportunity allows one lucky hospital to receive a special ‘Yorkshire’ Afternoon Tea Party, provided for both their Portering Team and Radiology team in a bid to bring these teams closer together, create a better working relationship and to bring about a start to the conversation between the two teams on how greater collaboration can help each department.

The Proof:

GV Healthcare work with hospitals across the UK and have statistics which show that better working collaboration between Portering and Radiology is proven to help. We know great things happen when both departments work in tandem. The hospitals we work with who are using MyPorter in their Radiology Department have seen throughput increase in that area on average between 10-16%* annually and are seeing further improvements all the time with the more data they collect – this is all due to a mix of greater collaboration and improved porter efficiency. Written Case Studies of MyPorter’s success at improving collaboration between the porters and imaging teams can also be found here: and here:

How it works?

Register your interest, GV Healthcare will draw at random the hospital who will win this fantastic opportunity. The tea party will be organised by our team; No effort or stress for you – all you need to do is forward on the invite to the other department, but we can design a nice invite for you.

How to put your hospital forward for this opportunity?

Simply register your interest by emailing ‘EandFDay2022’ plus your name and hospital to: and a member of the team will be in touch.

Alternatively, you can use the 'CONTACT US' form at the bottom of this page.

We’re always looking to build powerful partnerships with more hospitals – will you be our next partnership? Will you be the next hospital we can help?

For more information about the MyPorter solution, you can find this at:

Opportunity ends: July 3rd 2022

*If you wish to know more in-depth information about these figures, we would be happy to show you the data and discuss this further with you.

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