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Latest version of ground-breaking MyPorter software is launched

GlobalView Systems has just released a new update to its unique MyPorter software management system, which gives additional insight and reporting capability for portering managers to increase efficiency and improve patient flow using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The KPI Settings Report Tool enables managers to establish and interrogate specific KPIs such as porter uptime and time taken to complete both booked and urgent tasks, as well as producing insightful reports within seconds. Measuring success is a vital component of delivering effective services, and the Tool gives Trusts a flexible and meaningful way to monitor progress. Traditionally, portering KPIs are based on activity time, e.g. patient moves being undertaken within 20 minutes. The KPI Tool allows other factors such as priority, location and response times to be quantified, enabling more detailed reporting and the ability to target adjustments to areas which most require performance improvement.

The Tool enables hospitals to monitor the portering KPIs most relevant to them, and produce tailored reports according to precise areas such as:

  • Time between request and porter completing the task for urgent cases such as sepsis or dementia

  • Time taken to allocate and accept tasks

  • Average time taken from accept to completion on all tasks

  • Response times to urgent requests

  • Workforce utilisation rate e.g. 80% porter uptime

The response to booked appointments can also be measured, helping to reduce missed appointments, ensure maximum utilisation of vital equipment and make best use of clinical staff time, as well as giving them the confidence to work to capacity.

The KPI Settings Report Tool provides a real time colour-coded dashboard of performance against targets, making it easy to identify and address any areas of concern as they occur. The Tool also enables detailed reports to be easily and quickly produced in a few simple steps, tailored according to the needs of the individual Trust. This may be at a task, departmental or Trust level, inline with Care Quality Commission reporting or in response to national targets such as Emergency Department four hour wait times.

The Tool gives Trusts the ability to establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which measure performance and demonstrate meaningful improvements and benefits over time, such as fewer pauses, fewer cancelled tasks, fewer tasks commenced after start time and improved patient flow. Various factors can be interrelated, e.g. a KPI can be created to measure the time taken from requesting a Covid patient being moved from ICU to completion.

The new Tool can be used in conjunction with MyPorter’s existing reporting function, which enables managers to view trends over time to help predict peaks in demand and allocate resource accordingly, helping to manage capacity versus demand over the longer term.

MyPorter was developed following extensive consultation with portering teams in over 100 NHS Trusts, and has been designed to meet the particular needs of the porters and managers. The KPI Reporting functionality was introduced in response to a request from Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH), and GlobalView worked closely with the facilities management team to create a solution that presented the data they needed in an insightful format. It has now been rolled out to all existing MyPorter customers throughout the UK.

The MyPorter task management system, gives real time visibility on porter location and activity, helping to streamline processes and improve patient flow with timely movements. The system is proactive, with notifications received prior to task start times. The system also records paused events, the reason, their duration and location, making it easy to identify and address delays and pinch points. A full audit trail can be accessed if needed, and any service queries easily resolved.

MyPorter has also improved the patient experience, ensuring they are in the right place, at the right time, and fewer appointments are missed or delayed. Tasks are distributed via text message to radio handsets or android devices, so this means no patient information can be overheard, enhancing patient dignity and reducing noise in the hospital environment.

Matt Wright, CEO at GlobalView Systems said: “We work in partnership with all of our customers to ensure their MyPorter systems are configured to their needs, and this new functionality has been developed in direct response to customer requirements to give them even more information to help them plan future service delivery. We have a continuous improvement approach, which means MyPorter will evolve over time, with enhancements and additional features to provide increased insight. The NHS has never been under greater pressure, and it’s vital that they have the tools available to help them ensure smooth patient flow and optimal use of valuable resources.”


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