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Winner must work within a portering team within healthcare. Winner must be currently employed by a healthcare body (such as the NHS). Winner may have worked within a portering team over the past year, and still be employed within the NHS (or equivalent body) within a different role or department. Winner may be part of current portering bank staff. Winner must be a UK or Ireland resident. Winner must be over 18 years of age. Winner will be chosen in-house by judges at Global View/GV Healthcare/MyPorter. Competition entry is allowed and open between October 14th 2022 and January 15th 2023. Shortlist for each award will be announced on January 2023. Winners will be announced at a live ceremony in February 2023.

Winner will receive a physical award/trophy. Risk-pending (i.e. in the event of a national emergency), The National MyPorter Awards may come in either digital or physical form, the aim is to host an award ceremony in London in February. If you are shortlisted for an award, you will be gifted a ticket to attend the MyPorter Awards ceremony in central London, subject to availability. Should the NHS Trust the winner is employed by not have a chosen charity partner, the winner's Trust/management will have the choice of where the charity donation goes (donation to the Trust itself is acceptable if deemed acceptable by the Trust themselves). The winner will be asked to partake in a small-scale photo opportunity and may be asked to contribute and/or take part in other media activities and coverage of the awards. The details of the entry (including name and email address of nominee and nominator) may be shared internally within Global View/GV Healthcare for purposes relating to the competition - e.g. judging of competition, contact regarding submission, etc. One nominee per entry only, unless qualifying reasoning for multiples e.g. two people did the thing which you wish to nominate for or you are nominating a team for the team award. One entry per nominee is sufficient - multiple submissions for the same nominee aren't necessary. All additional nominations will be disallowed. Global View/GV Healthcare are not liable for unclaimed prizes - prize winner has 3 months from close date of awards to claim their prize. In the event of any dispute concerning the correctness or acceptability of any award, the decision of Global View/GV Healthcare shall be final. If attending a live MyPorter Awards event, all images and videos from the event are the property of Global View/GV Healthcare and may be used in the public domain in places such as (but not limited to) publications, digital publications, websites, social media & other forms of media - if you wish for your image not to be used, you must inform the company of this. There is no cost to enter the MyPorter Awards. No persons directly related to a Global View/GV Healthcare employee may win the award or enter the awards. The reason for the nomination, including name of person nominating and nominee may be used in the public domain in places such as (but not limited to) publications, digital publications, websites, social media & other forms of media. All shortlisted entries will be vetted/check and their comms teams will be contacted - should this process highlight any wrongdoings of the individual, Global View/GV Healthcare reserve the right to cancel the nomination. The shortlisted persons comms team will also have final say on the participation of the nominee.

All awards submissions must come from within your organisation or related company to your organisation.

Leighton Hospital shares the success of their portering department documenting their journey to a new digital portering management system. The move to digitalisation enables data-driven decision making, resulting in increased portering productivity, efficiency and leading to high levels of patient care since the transformation.

Dawn Pyatt, Facilities Manager said “We are more reliable, we are more effective. We attend jobs quicker. If there’s any issues, we’re able to pause a job and go back later. We can give reassurances that we’re coming back later. What MyPorter has been able to show is the peaks and troughs throughout the day so what we have done is we recruited where we’ve seen big hikes with tasks which made the porters listened to. It’s helped them with their workload so that’s where it was concentrated on the most and that’s where we’ve seen the benefits the most.”

She continues to say “We’re able to give reliable data to the Trust, give them reassurance of what we’re doing. How the portering team are working. We’ve saved walking time for the porters so looking after their health and well-being. We’re able to deal with complaints quicker and resolve any issues. So all round, it’s been excellent.”

The new system has made it easier to identify need for demand and resource, allowing better planning throughout the day and focus on the porters’ well-being by ensuring to reduce any unnecessary walking time.

Kevin Morgan, Porter, said “It helped us achieve the goals, recordings and save any arguments that say that the porter hasn’t attended, or I phoned up. I’d recommend it hundred percent.”

Watch the full video to see Leighton Hospital’s journey to digitalisation.

If you’re interested in talking to a member of the Leighton Hospital about arranging a visit, please email

A feature video documenting the success of the portering department at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport is now available to view – featuring how the team there moved from their old ways of working to a new digital system, using the data it provides to improve collaboration with clinicians and better patient care.

Claire Gibson, Estates & Facilities Matron (former Clinical Ward Nurse), said “We have got a number of efficiencies now because of the system. We haven’t got wasted footsteps. We haven’t got walking back to a base to get a piece of paper that then needs to be destroyed or could be dropped on the corridor. We’ve got a secure system, we’ve got evidence, we’ve got data and we’ve got patients being transferred at a timely manner.”

The new system encourages data-driven decisions and better planning making it easy to identify need for demand and resource. Steve Whitehead, Head of Facilities, said “The data that we collect has allowed us to plan our rotas more efficiently with the peaks and troughs that reports can highlight, the porters are in at the right time of day, and it makes it more efficient when moving patients and equipment around the hospital. I would say it’s improved patient care; The jobs that are logged are more accurate, porters turn up with the correct equipment, response times are quicker – so that speeds up patient flow.”

Watch the full video to see the full impact of MyPorter within Stepping Hill Hospital.

If you’re interested in talking to a member of the Stockport Stepping Hill Hospital about arranging a visit, please email

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