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SoapBox Derby

The annual Humber Bridge SoapBox Derby took place on Saturday the 22nd of June.  The event was in aid of HEY Smile Foundation and saw entrants from across the country.  Hundreds of excited spectators arrived in the bright sunshine to witness the event.  Most turned out to support their family and friends – some turned out to watch the chaos and the accidents. The premise was simple – build a soapbox, decorate the soapbox, dress like idiots and push the soapbox (with fearless driver) as fast as possible down a hill filled with obstacles. 

The fastest soapbox across the five timed runs would be declared the champion.  The MYPorter team created a soapbox to resemble a hospital bed complete with patient.  The patients injuries were not life threatening however with two broken arms and a badly severed leg they were enough to make even the toughest wince with pain.  Dressed as hospital porters we pushed the soapbox down on its maiden voyage, we were all amazed that it reached the bottom in one piece – it wasn’t fast – but it was in one piece.  Throughout the day the crowds grew and the teams raced.  Sadly we were not as quick as the real life porters but it was an amazing experience from start to finish.  We are planning for next years soapbox and to continue to support this amazing charity!

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