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Helping you to prepare now for future demand

It’s at times like these, in this fast-moving and ever-changing landscape that data insight and real-time oversight are becoming increasingly more important.

To ensure that we can supply you with the tools you need to prepare for now and future challenges; we have put in place several processes and procedures to help support the implementation of MyPorter healthcare task management software remotely. 

The steps we have taken include:


Remote teams/video conferencing, demonstration, and presentation capabilities for your team from both task portal and device user's perspective.

Bespoke Demonstration

Remote fully working demonstration software containing all your locations, users, and fields accessed via a secure password-protected web browser for full functionality access.


Out the box on-site plug and play unit to test and showcase handheld device interaction and functionality.


Remote installation of the bespoke software onto local servers, with full support for your own IT department.


Full software implementation, test and sign off; supporting the radio/hardware process of testing, as part of the installation off-site.

Training and Support

Remote teams/video training, full electronic user guides and video tutorials. Full remote technical support, ticketed, and trackable.


All aspects of the customer support can now be delivered remotely giving the opportunity to quickly deliver this soft service task management solution.

Improve the visibility and safeguard the performance of the services you deliver to support patient care as efficiently and effectively as possible. For an initial conversation about how we are already improving portering services in this challenging time please get in touch:

Tel: 01482 772 536

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