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Hull University Teaching Hospital

The Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH) portering service is run between two sites approximately five miles apart and are operational day and night, all year round, with more than 70 porters, 8,000 staff and over 700 beds. Smooth operations across the trust are essential to ensure the portering service can cater for the maximum number of patients and the increasing daily demands of a modern hospital. Every year approximately one million patients pass through the doors.

Across the HUTH trust, there are thousands of daily interactions between staff, and the porting system is at the heart. Communication must be efficient, both quick and clear, particularly if there is an issue that could potentially cause delays in patient or equipment transportation or if patient well-being is compromised.

We installed our MYPorter middleware solution powered by InteraX to ensure smooth operations and have been working closely with the portering team to send critical tasks through to their two-way radios.

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